Your needs

Information systems are an essential part of your company or organisation's operations. Changing these systems in line with your professional strategy, as well as keeping them coherent and under control are inevitable challenges that are demanding in resources and skills.  

Information systems are inevitable and complex

Whether we are concerned with shareholders, colleagues, partners or regulators, such stakeholders in today's  companies or institutions impose challenges and constraints with regard to efficiency, profitability, sustainability, quality, responsibility, compliance, etc.

Whatever the stage of development or progress your activity has reached, information systems, and IT in particular, are an essential part of governance, processes, and projects. Information systems involve people, processes, tools and technologies. They are thus complex, not always easy to understand,  and often affect the most sensitive aspects of the organisation. However, when each element is taken into account and brought under control, information systems can become a real lever for efficiency, convergence and synergy in the organisation.

Yes, but with which resources? 

You have the solutions in mind but lack the resources, expertise or method

Strategic thinking in IT, as in any other field, is essential if we want to define, share and achieve clear objectives. How many times have you put off something until later due to a lack of time, staff, method or distance with regard to everyday matters?

The steering bodies that will coordinate and supervise the implementation of your strategic projects must be launched and run before these projects reach cruising speed so that everyone gets the opportunity to understand their role. Do you have a competent 'conductor' with the influence to keep all the players in tune? Are your users ready for this type of thinking?

It is rare for projects to achieve their objectives on time and within the allocated budget without an experienced and determined project manager who communicates well. Can you identify an internal candidate to perform this role? Do you need to train and support him or her?

The complexity of information systems today is such that you cannot reasonably find all the resources and skills in-house. What do you do when a specialised technical question requires an opinion independently from IT suppliers?

You feel that direct and indirect savings are possible through better use of your resources and investments, but how should you begin to tackle the issue?