j2p in 2 minutes

Improvement cycle


1. Where are you?
    With what level of alignment?

2. Where are you going?
    With What kind of structures?

3. What is your roadmap?
    With what available resources?

4. How do we measure progress
    and achievements?
    How do we mitigate the risks?

... with what kind of advice or assistance?


The bridge between ICT and your business

j2p specializes in audit et consulting for information systems.

j2p takes charge of the questions and resolves the issues related to your information systems as well as to the processes to be supported by them.

j2p aligns your information systems with your business while optimizing your process architecture. j2p helps you bring about a closer relationship between ICT and your business together from a technological, functional and human point of view.

j2p promotes a systemic approach by addressing all the factors that contribute to the global efficiency of your information systems: strategy and governance, coordination and organization, infrastructures et systems, projects, applications and data,...

The final objective is to provide you with the management information and performance indicators that you need for monitoring your processes and steering your activities.

j2p works in total independence from ICT vendors and integrators. We defend your interests by bringing about and maintaining, throughout your projects, the conditions for a win-win relationship.

The solid and varied experience made available for you covers an array of:

  • Industries: ingénierie et production, distribution et détail, services et projets...
  • sectors: private, public and non-profit
  • Implementation projects: packages, customizable platforms and custom developments
  • Solutions: ERP, SCM, WMS, MES, CMS/EDM, CRM/XRM,...

Possible deliverables:

  • Assesment, audit or expertise report
  • Target information systems and organization
  • Enterprise architecture and process mapping
  • Change programmes, application and projects portfolio, ICT operationnal plans
  • Project charts and plans
  • Request for information/quotation, solution/integrator selection
  • Public tendering procedures
  • Contracts and SLR/SLA's
  • Project steering and project management assistance
  • Reengineering of ICT organs and functions, roles and responsabilities
  • ICT cost containment
  • Coaching and change management.